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By Heather Diodati, Design

9. "MMMMM...I see a yummy-looking bit of chocolate on the corner of your mouth!"
8. "I'm taking Proctology 101 at P.U. (Pooch University) and I need a subject"
7. "Oh Pleeeeeze say YOU'LL take me for a walk...my teeth are floating!"
6. "Lemme give you the old "Hi, I'm Friendly-Pooch" and maybe you'll scratch my belly!"
5. "Help! They've said the "V" word again (Vet)...pleeeeze hide me!"
4. "Hey, you're nose looks like a squeaky toy!"
3. "Taste this gross food they're feeding me - maybe they'll listen to YOU!"
2. "'Member me? I used to be shorter than you!"
And the #1 reason why your dog jumps up on your guests:
1. "Please hide me! I just threw up on the cat!"

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PETFINDER presents: Adoptable Pets Throughout The USA

Visit Petfinder for the nation's largest free listings of adoption dogs and other pets in all 50 states and a few other countries.

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